Clear Aligners

This is best solution to realign teeth without resorting to traditional braces. Almost completely invisible aligners are made of special materials that slowly realign teeth into the desired position.

What does it involve?

Is it possible to realign teeth without resorting to traditional braces, whose metal wires and brackets are often uncomfortable to wear and sometimes even annoying?

The answer today is yes, thanks to innovative clear aligners. The result is obtained through the use of customised interchangeable transparent templates, made of the latest generation plastic materials.

The dental professional will determine, on a case by case basis, whether the use of aligners is useful to achieve the realignment of the teeth.


They work to gradually realign the teeth under one condition, that the patient’s teeth are permanent. Research over the years has also led to remarkable progress being made on this front. While in the past aligners were effective only in a small percentage of situations, today, thanks to the use of innovative materials and techniques, they can solve even the most complicated cases.


All this greatly facilitates the patient, both from a psychological point of view (because the aligner is almost completely invisible, so others do not notice it), and from a functional point of view, because the device can be worn or removed with extreme ease. In this way it is possible to eat normally and, above all, to sanitise the aligner every time the need arises, with great advantage for oral and general health. Obviously, clear aligners are a great option for young people and students who are able to maintain social relationships with their peers, as well as professionals who are in daily contact with the public and clients.


This innovative method can resolve a number of problems such as the open bite, i.e. when the two arches do not close perfectly, and the deep bite, i.e. when one of the two arches completely overlaps the other. In addition, aligners can be used to correct the position of teeth in individuals who have been affected by periodontal disease and now require realignment through the application of light forces, as well as in numerous other situations.


Finally, depending on the need, the professional may also treat the orthodontic problem with a mix of methods. In fact, it is possible to begin addressing a condition with traditional braces, then – at a later date – switch to clear aligners. To date, more than 2.5 million people worldwide have benefitted from clear aligners.

Today, orthodontic problems can be treated by applying both traditional and invisible orthodontic methods. The dental professional will indicate to the patient, on a case-by-case basis, the most appropriate procedure for their needs.

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