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Dr. Federico Zanardi

Milan Medical Association 2884

Second Level Professional Master in Implantology

Post-graduate in “Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation” at the University of New York.

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Some numbers by Dr. Federico Zanardi


More than 3,500 implants successfully placed by Dr. Federico Zanardi himself every year in his Centers.


Satisfied patients who fuel incessant word of mouth on a daily basis.


Reference centers throughout Northern Italy for implantology a immediate loading (dr. zanardi) or reference centers for treatment of the most severe bone atrophies (dr Francesco Grecchi).

Dentistry is the branch of medicine dealing with the health of teeth and gums, and in the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity.

This branch can be divided into further branches, each specialising in a particular area of intervention, in general: tooth extraction, treatment and prevention of periodontitis, dental hygiene, implantology with particular regard to immediate implant loading, conservative dentistry, dental prosthetics.

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