Immediate implant loading

This method was developed in 1994 and today has attained widespread use, becoming a viable option to quickly solve even the most complex cases.

What is it?

Immediate implant loading is an innovative technique that allows people to improve their smile and overall mouth function in a short time. It is also suitable for those who, as a result of diseases such as periodontitis and caries, have lost or irreparably damaged their natural teeth. The method was developed as an alternative to the mobile prosthesis (which often requires the use of annoying adhesive pastes to improve stability), and involves a surgical procedure to insert the implants in the alveolar bone on which titanium screws are used to secure the fixed prosthesis within 48 hours after surgery.


The process begins with an initial visit during which the situation is assessed and the actual condition of the oral cavity is verified. It then continues with possible sessions in which a team of professionals works to remove the bacterial causes of the pathologies. Finally, it ends with the surgical procedure after which, within 48 hours, the patient is given the temporary fixed screwed prosthesis, thus making chewing more comfortable and facilitating the dentist during the scheduled check-ups.


The final prostheses are instead delivered and screwed to the implants within 4-6 months.

The immediate loading method can almost always be completed on the lower arch due to the favourable consistency of the alveolar bone, however rehabilitation on the upper arch is not always feasible. In fact, it can only be done if there is an adequate amount of bone.


If there is not enough bone, however, the professional will suggest possible alternatives, taking advantage, for example, of zygomatic implantology.

The immediate loading technique is always customised to guarantee the best possible result for patients. The implants are osseointegrated into the alveolar bone just like those used in traditional implant procedures.

Thanks to conscious sedation, carried out in the presence of an anaesthetist, even the most anxious and frightened patients can face the surgical procedure in complete serenity, without experiencing pain.

There are various advantages of immediate implant loading: the most important is the speed with which the treatment is performed.


Furthermore, the success rates are the same as those of traditional implantology (also because the practitioner assesses the feasibility on a case-by-case basis before proceeding), while the post-surgery discomfort is minimal. After rehabilitation, the patient returns to their normal life with a new mouth, albeit temporary, but with an absolutely natural appearance.

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