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Immediate Loading Implantology: get your smile back in 24 hours!

Immediate loading implantology represents an innovative and quick technique. It allows the patient to have fixed teeth and recover the masticatory function within 24 or maximum 48 hours after surgery. Removable temporary teeth are applied in the same surgical session in which the implant is positioned.

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Let’s find out about immediate loading implantology

The immediate loading implantology technique was used for the first time in 1994 and is currently one of the most used practices in the Zanardi Clinic due to its speed of execution. This makes it different from delayed loading implantology, where three to six months must pass before applying the prosthesis to the patient, after having inserted the implants inside the jaw bone or mandibulars.

“Immediate loading implantology is state-of-the-art: an innovative and safe technique that allows patients to see results quickly, but especially does not involve suffering after surgery” , assures Dr. Zanardi.

This technique has many benefits: in addition to its quickness, which has been highlighted several times, an undisputed point in favour of this technique is the minimum invasiveness of the operation, in addition to the immediate recovery of the masticatory function and the consequent possibility of resuming normal activities of daily life straight away, without difficulty in social interaction. Finally, there is also a great economic saving with respect to traditional implants. In the Zanardi Dental Centre, surgery is performed under conscious sedation.

When is immediate loading used?

“Thanks to the favourable density of the alveolar bone, it is almost always possible in the lower arch” – continues Dr. Zanardi – “in the upper arch, the clinic will evaluate every case with the aid of additional x-ray examinations”.

To guarantee the best service, our patients undergo medical consultation beforehand and we accompany them every step of the way: from the operation to the post-op phase.

If you wear dentures or have a periodontal disease, the immediate loading implantology technique is the most suitable solution for you.

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