3D Intraoral scanner

Le tecnologie hi-tech hanno permesso di abbandonare la procedura di rilevazione dell’impronta del cavo orale con il metodo tradizionale, pratica che provocava fastidiosi disagi ai pazienti

What is it?

Always at the forefront in terms of technology, the Zanardi Dental Centres have for some now also been using the intraoral scanner, an instrument capable of capturing a three-dimensional (3D) image of  the oral cavity, which allows to do away with the old and annoying procedure of taking an impression with traditional methods.


The innovative digital technology also allows creating a 3D image of the mouth, helping dentists and technicians to successfully carry out their work. Hundreds of patients have already experienced the new device with relief, and the technique is being applied in numerous areas.


In fact, the 3D scanner can also be used to make braces and splints.


From a technical point of view, the 3D electronic image is even more accurate than conventional impressions, because it is completely free of defects such as bubbles, streaks and cracks that sometimes form during the solidification process of the materials.


Dental specialists can use the intraoral scanner for better diagnosis and treatment, and allows to create a near perfect graphic mapping of the patient’s mouth (in electronic format).

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