Diode laser

The laser reduces healing times, cancels bleeding, is done quickly and has anti-inflammatory power.
It is available in all Zanardi Dental Centers

Why is it done?

The diode laser can be used to correct a wide variety of dental problems. It is used for tooth whitening in combination with a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide based gel, as well as for treating necrotic teeth with apical pathologies such as granulomas. Furthermore, it allows the non-surgical treatment (without a scalpel) of periodontal diseases commonly known as “pyorrhoea”.


The high sterilising power of the light emitted by the laser in the periodontal pockets, in fact, brings considerable benefit to gums inflamed by a chronic or acute periodontal disease, promoting more rapid healing than classic periodontal treatments. The diode laser is also used in surgery with great advantages. Laser incision has bactericidal and coagulation properties, while its antiseptic and bio-stimulating action reduces the use of postoperative drugs. It has no contraindications and is suitable for gingivectomy, frenectomy, aspiration of oral papillomas, angiomas, removal of fibroids and epulides. It is effective for the treatment of peri-implantitis, i.e. complications from implant procedures.

Finally, the laser is also used to treat canker sores, herpes simplex and halitosis, for which a single session is sufficient.

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