Conscious sedation

Many patients often do not visit the dentist because they have “dental anxiety” or “dental fear” (odontophobia). Zanardi Dental Centres have the solution

In which procedures is this method mainly used?

When a patient at the Zanardi Dental Centre informs the team of professionals that they are particularly anxious about the treatments, so-called “conscious sedation” is carried out to help them calm down and feel relaxed during the dental treatment. This personalised sedation method helps the patient to get rid of the fear of dental treatment while remaining conscious and collaborative during the procedure.


Conscious sedation practiced in the Zanardi Dental Centres is obtained thanks to the anaesthetist who, after a thorough examination and anamnesis of the patient aimed at verifying their overall health condition, administers benzodiazepine (Diazepam) intravenously. This allows the patient to be sedated and comfortable, yet still awake.


In this phase, the patient maintains control of the airways and reflexes, while also remaining conscious and cooperative with the dental professional, although in a state of absolute relaxation.


During conscious sedation, the anaesthetist constantly monitors all the patient’s vital signs, ensuring that the effect obtained is appropriate to the protocols.


The patient is monitored and stimulated periodically to respond. As each patient has different characteristics, the conscious sedation methods carried out by the anaesthetist are always personalised.

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