Implant overdenture is a minimally invasive procedure. Healing times are faster and recovery times are shorter which is good for the physical and mental wellbeing of patients.

What does it involve?

The overdenture is the preferred solution of patients who want greater stability than can be provided by removable dentures, but who for various reasons want to avoid traditional implant surgery.


It is a completely removable and customised prosthesis, whose stability is guaranteed by the positioning of two or four implants on the arch to be rehabilitated, if necessary connected to each other by a bar. The prosthesis will be stable because it is secured to the implants or to the bar with special attachments.


This solution eliminates the use of adhesive pastes, reduces the risk of inflammation of the gums resulting from the use of removable dentures and is more comfortable. The overdenture for the upper arch does not require an artificial palate, which is often perceived as a foreign body.


This technique guarantees patients a significant improvement in the quality of life.


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