Zygomatic implants

Dr Francesco Grecchi
Zygomatic Implantology
Head of the maxillofacial department at the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute of Milan

“A bad smile can diminish a person’s self-esteem and cause them to shy away from social situations. But today we can reshape a smile, give your face the right expression and increase your self-confidence.” 

What is it?

In particular situations, when immediate implant loading is not a viable treatment option, it is possible to resort to the so-called zygomatic implantology.

Developed in the 90s, it is now successfully used to restore function and form to the mouths of patients suffering from severe or medium-severe alveolar bone atrophy, rare pathologies and malformations and other syndromes that can affect the oral cavity. Zygomatic implantology is sometimes used when traditional implant rehabilitation fails (which is rare).

The zygomatic implant is a dental implant whose upper part is anchored inside the cheekbone knob.


This implant has a body of variable dimensions whose prosthetic platform is positioned on the alveolar crest.


The dental professional assesses each patients’ condition and the state of their mouths and decides whether to apply a single zygomatic implant using a unilateral technique, or four zygomatic implants, positioning two in each cheekbone, resorting to other highly advanced implant techniques.

Zygomatic implants may be used in combination with traditional implants as the rehabilitation professional sees fit.


What reassures patients greatly is the knowledge that zygomatic implants can be placed in a single surgical procedure, at the end of which the problem is usually solved.


Not only that, as with immediate implant loading, post-operative discomfort is reduced and the possibility of returning to everyday life is practically immediate. Like all implantology treatments, each zygomatic surgical procedure is performed only after careful planning by a team using computer-guided methods in order to complete the rehabilitation properly.


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